What We Do

Redoubt Solutions is unlike any other custom solutions provider we've ever seen - and we think you'll love the difference!

Rapid Website Development

If you need a website, and need it yesterday, we can help! Specializing in Political Issue and Campaign websites - we can help you present a professional presence on the web quickly.

Interactive Marketing

The best idea in the world isn't worth much if nobody knows about it. We can help get the word out and start generating leads.


From computer and website security, to home, perimeter, and personal security - we've got you covered.


Technology doesn't have to be a scary topic with the right strategic consulting partner.


Whether it's your network, your computer, or your website which isn't working properly, we're here to help!

Rural Internet Solutions

Just because you're outside of the city doesn't mean you have to settle for subpar Internet Access.

Emergency Communications

Whether it's something as simple as a power outage, to a region-wide natural disaster, being able to effectively and efficiently communicate can be the difference between life and death.

Family Emergency Preparedness

We can help you ensure that the most precious people in your life are prepared to weather life's storms.

Home Automation / Smarthome

Don't let complexity scare you away from the benefits of an automated smarthome.

Robust Home & Small Business Networking

You don't have to have the budget of a Fortune 500 company to enjoy the reliability of enterprise-grade network stability.

Home and Small Business Server Builds

Whether it's an on-premise security camera server, file server, or home media server, we can get your files out of the cloud and into your closet.

Meet the Founder


Chief Solutions Officer

Joe is an experienced cross-discipline, multi-dimentional problem solver who thinks outside the box - but within reality



What is PR6? Seriously. I’ve been seeing a /PR6/ show up in my 404 reports for a while. Normally, I wouldn’t care. If a visitor is looking for something that’s not there, has never been Read more…

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